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4 Reasons To Purchase A Water Softener

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What exactly does a water softener do? Many people have asked this question, as well as whether or not they should invest in one. To answer the first question, the purpose of a water softener is to dissolve minerals like calcium and magnesium that are present in the water in your home. While these minerals are not harmful, they can lead to residue building up in the pipes and appliances of your home. In addition to reducing this build-up, there are other benefits to purchasing a water softener for your home, to answer the second question. Listed below are three reasons to purchase a water softener.

1. Cleaner Dishes

Because the minerals have been removed in soft water, you are less likely to have hard water and mineral stains on your dishes, glassware, and silverware. While admittedly not a huge problem, mineral stains are unsightly, and you will save time by not having to rewash dishes to remove those marks. 

2. Natural Gas Savings

It has been found that using a water softener, which results in less mineral build up, results in natural gas savings, which saves you money. Additionally, as you decrease your energy consumption, you reduce your carbon footprint, meaning you can save money and help save the planet.

3.  Save Money on Soap, Shampoo, and Other Cleaning Products

When you wash with soft water, you are able to get a richer lather, meaning you can use less soap and shampoo. In addition to having to buy these products less frequently, your skin and hair will actually feel and look better. Many people experience dry hair, dry skin, and eczema due to hard water, so by investing in a water softener, you can feel more more healthy and confident.

4. Keep Clothes and Fabrics Looking Nicer, Longer

Hard water is not only hard on your skin, but on your clothes. Minerals get trapped in fabrics washed in hot water, causing them to wear out faster and, in the case of white fabrics, to get dingy and gray more quickly. By washing your clothes in soft water, they will last longer, saving you even more money.

If you are considering purchasing a water softener, keep the following benefits in mind. If you want to save money of clothes, soap, shampoo, and energy costs, and also have healthier skin and hair, a water softener might be just the thing for you to invest in.